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2016-03-17 22:13:57 by Laughingbox

I swing by sporadically.

Don't you have better things to do?

Just home for the break.

2014-01-07 01:46:28 by Laughingbox

I gotta say, it's kinda nice to be home for the break these days. Got no worries and no issues 'till I'm back in school.

This is a new blog interface..


2013-11-18 19:38:03 by Laughingbox

So I've started playing Pathfinder (think Dungeons and Dragons), and it's pretty fun. Make characters, conquer dungeons and acquire power. Makes me want to try my hand at creating a campaign of my own. A one-shot, perhaps. Maybe even a mini-campaign.

The horror!

2013-11-08 02:57:18 by Laughingbox

The unseen shall strike
In spite of your might
For all will see
The ruler to be.

If you could see,
If you believed,
Concede defeat
And let it be.


2013-08-01 18:57:35 by Laughingbox

Something about jello and bacon here.


2013-06-07 22:06:26 by Laughingbox

Hi everyone! I'm hosting a Revo-style text based adventure, and anyone is free to join. The game will take place using the PM system, at least for the time being. Post in the thread that you wish to join and shoot me a PM in response to the following scenario. Remember that your actions now influence what happens to you, maybe even what happens to others... Keep your eyes open for some weird things to come; I'll post updates on the thread and on this page here.

Also, I'll update to note when the game is on/off depending on when I can't be at the computer, so be aware. Game OFF.

It's a wonderful world in the day of July 10th, 2017. You've decided to take the summer off between your first and second year of college. Right now you're on a bus, going somewhere of your choice...

Legend has it that some humans are in fact an evolved form of man, gifted with unique powers at the cost of a shorter, but more empowering life. You know you're among this elite group of superhumans, though you don't quite know what exactly your power is, why you're here, and whether or not you serve a purpose. Most importantly, your life won't be the same once you realize your latent talents. The real question is, where do you go once you find out?

You just stepped on the bus. The doors have shut, the train is starting to move now.

Just a few more weeks.

2013-05-03 22:39:49 by Laughingbox

But then.. what'll happen once school is over?

And perhaps, it'll work out.

Let's consider.

2013-04-09 03:12:50 by Laughingbox

What is the etheric body?

In the meantime...

2012-12-23 11:41:59 by Laughingbox

I'd like to propose cheese upon toast.


2012-09-28 17:02:29 by Laughingbox

Ah, the college application process...